Instituto Ação Verde: 15 years of history!

The Instituto Ação Verde celebrates its fifteenth anniversary on August 15, presenting new platforms for the sustainable development of Mato Grosso. The institution, which is maintained by the Federation of Industries of Mato Grosso (Fiemt), Association of Soy and Corn Producers of the State of Mato Grosso (Aprosoja) and Union of Bioenergy Industries of the State of Mato Grosso (Sindalcool), has invested, over that time, in technology and innovation to maintain and help in environmental preservation.

Among the novelties is the Business Platform for Environmental and Ecosystem Goods and Services of Mato Grosso (PNBSAE), which deals with the topic of Carbon, implementing a program to meet demands in the state, in Brazil and in any other interested country. It is a platform through which the producer can trade carbon credits, that is, a way to facilitate access to this market.

Another innovation that has just been announced is the Inova CPR project (Cédula de Produto Rural – CPR Verde) which basically consists of a credit instrument intended to finance reforestation activities and maintenance of native vegetation on rural properties.

In addition, it updated the Mapa do CAR, a map design system for the Rural Environmental Registry (CAR), which works in the cloud on the internet, operated 100% via a web browser, with a complete set of technical design tools. It offers several geographic bases and satellite images as a reference.

The Institute's president, Adilson Ruiz, highlights that the initiative has numerous actions under development and others already implemented. “All of this was designed in terms of the productive sector of Mato Grosso and Brazil, we seek to promote a balance between the environment, social well-being and primary productive activity”.

“Over these 15 years, the Institute has proven that it is possible, through concrete actions, to support a green economy, which is increasingly interesting in the global context of decarbonization and the evolution of production techniques with what we have a natural vocation in the state. ”, points out the president of Fiemt, Gustavo de Oliveira, noting that the actions promoted, in addition to the recovery of degraded areas, sustainable development in all regions.

Fernando Cadore, president of Aprosoja, recalls that Instituto Ação Verde helps to disseminate good sustainable practices applied by the sector in the state and in Brazil. “Our country produces more sustainably than anywhere else in the world and the Institute plays a fundamental role in giving visibility to these actions and the productive sector, and demystifying narratives of untruths”.

Already the president of Sindalcool, Silvio Rangel, that the role is to reconcile economic growth with sustainable development. “Sindalcool is proud to be one of the sponsors of Ação Verde, as it understands that sustainability is the pillar of the modern economy. Congratulations on 15 years of hard work.”

For managers, the existence of the Institute supports industries and companies from other segments that need to advance in a world where sustainable development and good production practices are increasingly observed by consumer markets.


Developed projects

Instituto Ação Verde also develops initiatives such as the Verde Novo project for the recovery and preservation of riparian forests and the main rivers of Mato Grosso, bringing benefits not only to local ecosystems, but also to the population.

Educação Verde proposes to help social groups and individuals to acquire environmental awareness, knowledge and behavior, as well as to contribute to the consolidation of the environmental education process as a public policy through collective actions organized in educational institutions.

Recently, the organization updated the Mapa do Car system – an initiative to improve the quality of maps of rural properties for the Rural Environmental Registry, with the objective of increasing the level of approval of these maps in the SIMCAR system of the Mato Grosso State Environment Department. .


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