The Institute

we seek to promote a balance between the environment, social well-being and the primary productive activity of Mato Grosso


Instituto Ação Verde is an OSCIP - Civil Society Organization of Public Interest, working in the promotion, implementation and certification of environmental and social actions in the productive sector.


The Institute was launched during the closing of the Agricultural Business Biennial, an event held by the Federation of Agriculture and Livestock of Mato Grosso (Famato), in August 2007.

Green River Project

The Institute has already taken its first steps with the inauguration of the entity's nursery works and the launch of Projeto Verde Rio, in March 2008.

Environmental education

The institute has been promoting the recovery and preservation of degraded areas on the banks of rivers, contributing to the strengthening of the environmental education process and its consolidation in State policy.

Education and Action

Across the planet, one of the main environmental problems is the increase in the human population and, in this context, situations in which it becomes quite difficult to discern the socioeconomic and environmental causes of these degradations are increasingly common.

Reconciling economic development with environmental preservation and the quality of life of citizens should be the main mission of governments and society as a whole.

In this context, the Permanent Preservation Areas (APPs) function as regulators of the flow of water, sediments and nutrients, forming stabilized ecosystems on the banks of rivers, lakes and springs, acting to reduce and filter surface runoff and the loading of sediments to the aquatic system.

Thus, the recovery of riparian forests is one of the priorities of the Instituto Ação Verde, contributing to the restoration of degraded areas that have a great impact on the maintenance of the hydrological regime.

Board of Directors

Who we are


President of the Green Action Institute


1st Vice President of Instituto Ação Verde




Our Mission, Vision and Values


To promote a balance between the environment, social well-being and the productive activity of Mato Grosso, acting in the promotion, implementation and certification of actions in the productive sector.


To be recognized nationally as a reference in the promotion of socio-environmental balance and in the promotion of sustainability, together with the different productive sectors of society.


In order to fulfill its role of balancing and promoting actions aimed at the environment, Instituto Ação Verde embraced the following Values: Credibility, Partnership, Teamwork, Multidisciplinary, Socio-environmental balance, Respect for the environment, Commitment to Sustainable Development.

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The Instituto Ação Verde is supported by the following institutions:


Instituto Ação Verde understands that the partnership is the best solution to carry out actions to protect the environment. That's why the institute works together with many entities. Here are some partner institutions: