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Combining the “Education and Action” pillars, Instituto Ação Verde has been promoting the recovery and preservation of degraded areas on the banks of the rivers of Mato Grosso, contributing to the strengthening of the environmental education process and its consolidation as a State policy.

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It is a map design system for rural environmental registration, which works in the cloud on the internet, operated 100% through a WEB browser, with a complete set of technical design tools. It offers several geographic bases and satellite images as a reference.


The INOVACPR solution aims to insert the small and medium rural producer into the PSA-Payment for Environmental Service market, demonstrating the environmental potential of the property and helping to use the Green CPR as a negotiation instrument between the producer and the investor.


The Business Platform for Environmental and Ecosystem Goods and Services of Mato Grosso – PNBSAE/MT facilitates companies’ access to projects developed to mitigate climate change, providing a service that guarantees transparency, reliability, traceability and credibility for the carbon credits transacted. . 


The Verde Rio Project aims to recover and preserve 100% of the forests riparian areas of the main rivers of Mato Grosso. The Instituto Ação Verde defined the Cuiabá River as the first stage of the project, the Verde Rio Pantanal, which encompasses the Cuiabá, Paraguai and São Lourenço rivers.


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The Instituto Ação Verde celebrates its fifteenth anniversary on August 15, presenting new platforms for the sustainable development of Mato Grosso. read more